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Administrative system in the Early Byzantine period

Author(s) : Dale de Lee Benjamin (4/23/2008)

For citation: Dale de Lee Benjamin , "Administrative system in the Early Byzantine period", 2008,
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Constantinople
URL: <http://www.ehw.gr/l.aspx?id=10840>

Administrative system in the Early Byzantine period (1/12/2012 v.1) Διοικητική οργάνωση στην πρωτοβυζαντινή περίοδο (4/2/2012 v.1) 



Le Synekdèmos d'Hiéroclès et l'opuscule géographique de Georges de Chypre, Bruxelles 1939: charted are the lands of: Europe, Asia Minor, Near East
Honigmann, E. (ed.)
(Last visit: 1/1/1901)
A map of Asia Minor by E. Honigmann, the editor of the Synekdemos of Hierokles (document of the first half of 6th c.), who charted the informatrion of the ancient catalogue. On line via Sorin Olteanu's Thraco-Daco-Moesian Languages Project - Sources.

Provincial Reorganisation
Bury J. B.
(Last visit: 11/1/2007)
Provincial Organisation and Administrative Reforms during the Early Byzantine era (extract from J.B. Bury, History of the Later Roman Empire, 1923)

The Roman Empire. Diocese of Asiana

(Last visit: 6/6/2008)
Map: the borders of the provinces of the Late Roman Empire; the Diocese of Asiana is marked red.


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