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Theotokos Panachrantos or Lips monastery (Fenari Isa Camii)

Author(s) : Stankovic Nebojsa (3/22/2008)

For citation: Stankovic Nebojsa, "Theotokos Panachrantos or Lips monastery (Fenari Isa Camii)", 2008,
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Theotokos Panachrantos or Lips monastery (Fenari Isa Camii) (6/28/2007 v.1) Θεοτόκος Πανάχραντος ή Μονή Λιβός (Φεναρί Ισά Τζαμί) (6/28/2007 v.1) 

Chronological Table

June 907: Inauguration of the monastery and the Theotokos Church by Constantine Lips; emperor Leo VI present

917: Constantine Lips dies in combat

late 13th c.: Church of St. John the Baptist built by the Empress Theodora

ca. 1294-1301: Typikon for the monastery drawn up by Theodora

1303: Theodora died as nun Eugenia; she is buried in the south church

early 14th c.: Perambulatory attached to the two churches

1417: The last recorded burial at Lips monastery: burial of Anna, bride of John VIII Palaiologos

ca. 1460-1480: Church of St. John converted into a mescid by Alaeddin Ali Fenari

1633: The building is damaged in a great fire that swept through the city

1636: The mescid is restored as a regular mosque by the Grand Vizier Bayram Paşa; the north church is converted into a tekke for dervishes

1782: The building is severly damaged by another fire

1847-1848: The building is repaired

1917: The structure is left in ruins after yet another fire

1929: Theodore Macridy makes a field research of the monument

1960-1964: Field research and conservation works by the Byzantine Institute and Dumbarton Oaks

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