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Chora monastery (Kariye Camii)

Author(s) : Moutafov Emmanuel (2/8/2008)
Translation : Andriopoulou Vera (10/31/2008)

For citation: Moutafov Emmanuel, "Chora monastery (Kariye Camii)", 2008,
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Μονή Χώρας (Καριγιέ Τζαμί) (9/9/2009 v.1) Chora monastery (Kariye Camii) (6/28/2007 v.1) 

Chronological Table


Between 1077-1081: Building of the monastery katholikon by Maria Doukaina, upon older remnants of the 6th- and the 9th C. The plan was according to the cross-in-square type

Between 1081 - 1120: The church is damaged by an earthquake

ca. 1120: The sebastokrator Isaac Komnenos repairs the church. Remodeling results in change of the architectural type (cross-domed basilica)

1316-1321: Renovation of the monastery and the church from the megas logothetes Theodore Metochites. Addition of the narthex and the fuerary chapel. Decoration with superb mosaics and frescoes

Under sultan Beyazit II: the church is converted to a mosque, under the name Kariye Çamii

1948: Systematic research of the Byzantine Institute of America, directed by Paul A. Underwood for the uncovering of the wall-paintings and the restoration of the monument. It ceases to function as a mosque

1958: The monument opens its gate as a museum (Kariye Müzesi)


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