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"Ioakeimeio" girls' school, Constantinople

"Ioakeimeio" girls' school, Constantinople - to be assigned Ιωακείμειο Παρθεναγωγείο, Κωνσταντινούπολη - to be assigned


Foundation of Constantinople, 330

Foundation of Constantinople, 330 (4/6/2007 v.1) Ίδρυση Κωνσταντινούπολης, εγκαίνια, 330 (12/4/2007 v.1)

On May 11th 330 the residents of Constantinople and several guests attended a unique celebration for the inauguration of Constantinople or New Rome, the new capital of Constantine. This celebration was the culmination of a forty-days long festival period, which was marked by a demonstration of the imperial generosity, by the issuing of special commemorative coins and by religious rituals,, both Christian and pagan.




Hippodrome (12/4/2007 v.1) Ιππόδρομος (27/6/2007 v.1)

The sport of chariot racing, so popular in ancient cities, lived on in Byzantine Constantinople, where its venue, the Hippodrome, became the city's most important public gathering place, acquiring added institutional, political, and historical dimensions, and served as the setting for many dramatic episodes.



Isaurian dynasty (717-802)

Isaurian dynasty (717-802) - to be assigned Ισαύρων δυναστεία (717-802) - to be assigned


Mandylion, Transfer of, 944

Mandylion, Transfer of, 944 (9/2/2006 v.1) Ιερόν Μανδήλιον, Μεταφορά, 944 (14/10/2005 v.1)

The Mandylion, a piece of cloth on which, according to the legend, the image of Jesus Christ had been miraculously imprinted, was initially kept in Edessa of Syria as an acheiropoietos (not made by human hands) icon of Christ. On August 15th, 944 it was transferred to Constantinople as a precious holy relic and its cult assumed a political meaning too. The arrival of the relic in the capital became a religious feast and was celebrated each year on August 16th.



Modern historiography on Constantinople

Modern historiography on Constantinople - to be assigned Ιστοριογραφικές αναγνώσεις της Κωνσταντινούπολης - to be assigned


Династия Юстиниана (518-602)

Династия Юстиниана (518-602) - has not been published yet Justinian dynasty (518-602) - to be assigned Ιουστινιανή δυναστεία (518-602) - has not been published yet

Столетие византийской истории, в течение которого правили императоры из дома Юстиниана и их преемники, было одним из самых насыщенных событий в истории Византии, а сама личность Юстиниана вызывала самые противоречивые оценки. В правление Юстиниана был создан знаменитый Corpus Juris Civilis, построен самый знаменитый храм Константинополя — Св. София. В то же время Восточная империя в последний раз сделала попытку вернуть себе утраченные земли западной половины империи, попытка, потребовавшая...