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Kritovoulos Imvrios

Author(s) : Bencheva Joanna (15/2/2008)
Translation : Koutsikouris Konstantinos

For citation: Bencheva Joanna, "Kritovoulos Imvrios",
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Критувул Имбриотски (2/9/2009 v.1) Kritovoulos Imvrios (11/10/2010 v.1) Κριτόβουλος Ίμβριος  (10/2/2009 v.1) 




Historian and official of the late Byzantine Era. He served as a governor of Imbros Island. In addition to his theological works, he wrote a historical work, which is called by subsequent scholars History of Mehmed the Conqueror. This work covers the events from 1451 to 1467 and is divided into five books. It recounts Mehmed’s (1451-1481) military campaigns against the Aegean and the Ionian Islands, and against the Balkan Peninsula. Historians of the Antiquity, such as Thucydides and Flavius Josephus, had great influence on Kritovoulos.

Main Role

Historian, Scholar, Official

Date and Place of Death

1470, Constantinople (Istanbul)

Date and Place of Birth

1410, Imbros (Gökçeada)

Other Names

Kritoboulos, Michael, Critobulus (Latinized), Kritovoulos the Islander, Kritovoulos of Imbros, Critobulus Imbriota


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