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Chalki (Heybeliada)

Author(s) : Benlisoy Foti (6/25/2008)
Translation : Tsokanis Anna

For citation: Benlisoy Foti, "Chalki (Heybeliada)",
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Χάλκη (12/5/2008 v.1) Chalki (Heybeliada) (4/10/2009 v.1) 



Ecumenical Patriarchate - The Holy Theological School of Halki (Chalki)

(Last visit: 10/4/2009)
Presentation of the Theological School of Chalki from the website of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

İstanbul adaları

(Last visit: 27/11/2008)
Website with a rich photographical collection from the Princes' Islands. In Turkish.

Orthodox churches in Constantinople

(Last visit: 7/1/2009)
Webpage from the portal of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople presenting the churches of the Archdiocese of Constaninople, as well as the churches of the Metropolises (dioceses) of Chalcedon, Derkoi and the Princes' Islands, where the monastery of St Spyridon, the monastery of the Holy Trinity, the cemetery chapel of St Barbara, and the church of St Nicholas are included.


(Last visit: 27/11/2008)
The website of the administrative region of the Princes' Islands. In Turkish.


(Last visit: 27/11/2008)
Presentation of the "Program for the Detection, Recording, Microfilm Depiction and Digitalization of the Istanbul Rum Community Archives" of the Faculty of Philosophy and History of Science (Athens University). In Greek and in English.


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