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Panagia Mouchliotissa (Kanlı Kilise)

Author(s) : Arvaniti Smaragdi (1/8/2008)
Translation : Loumakis Spyridon

For citation: Arvaniti Smaragdi, "Panagia Mouchliotissa (Kanlı Kilise)",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Constantinople
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Παναγία Μουχλιώτισσα (Κανλί Κιλισέ) (7/7/2009 v.1) Panagia Mouchliotissa (Kanlı Kilise) (7/2/2012 v.1) 




The church was dedicated to Virgin Mary and was also known under many names, such as Panagia of the Mongols, Panagia of Mouchliou etc. It is situated on the quarter of Phanar, near the Orthodox Patriarchate and the Holy Sepulchre’s Metochion. The existence of a temple in that region is recorded already since the 7th century. The present monument, that suffered major alterations during the works of extension in the 18th century, preserves parts of the 11th-century Byzantine church and parts of the Palaiologan renovation, by Maria Palaiologina. The church is distinguished for two reasons: from an architectural viewpoint, since it is a unique variation of the tetraconch church at Constantinople; and from a historical viewpoint, since it is the only Byzantine church of Constantinople that remained in use by the Orthodox community.

Topographical Location

5th hill of Constantinople, in the quarter of Phanar, between the Great School of the Nation and the Ioakeimeion Girl’s School, Istanbul


Panagia of the Mouchli/ of Mouchlion/ of the Mongols/ Magouliotissa/ of Mougoulion/ of Magoulion, Theotokos Panagiotissa, Kanlı Kilise

Geographical Location

Constantinople, Istanbul


11th c. - until today


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