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Myrelaion Monastery (Bodrum Camii)

Author(s) : Fafalios Markos (7/30/2007)
Translation : Andriopoulou Vera (10/29/2008)

For citation: Fafalios Markos, "Myrelaion Monastery (Bodrum Camii)", 2008,
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Μονή Μυρελαίου (Μποντρούμ Τζαμί) (7/16/2009 v.1) Myrelaion Monastery (Bodrum Camii) (7/15/2007 v.1) 



ArchNet | Digital Library: Bodrum Mosque

(Last visit: 16/10/2007)
Presentation of Myrelaion in ArchNet Digital Library.

T.F. Mathews
(Last visit: 16/4/2008)
Ground plan of Myrelaion with links to photos from T.F. Mathews's The Byzantine Churches of Istanbul. A photographic survey. Including reconstructions and bibliography on the monument.

Myrelaion church

(Last visit: 16/10/2007)
Graphic reconstruction of the Myrelaion church, by Byzantium 1200.


(Last visit: 16/10/2007)
A brief article about Myrelaion.

Μεσοβυζαντινή αρχιτεκτονική στην Κωνσταντινούπολη. Μονή Μυρελαίου, εικόνες
Robert Ousterhout
(Last visit: 16/10/2007)
Ground plans of the upper and lower church of Myrelaion and view of the monument from southeast, from Columbia University Μedia center for art history, archaeology and historic preservation.


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