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Great Palace in Constantinople

Author(s) : Westbrook Nigel (12/21/2007)

For citation: Westbrook Nigel , "Great Palace in Constantinople", 2007,
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Constantinople
URL: <http://www.ehw.gr/l.aspx?id=12205>

Great Palace in Constantinople (7/15/2009 v.1) Μέγα Παλάτιον (7/15/2008 v.1) 



Architecture of traces and ascriptions: interpreting the vanished Great Palace of the Byzantine Emperors in Constantinople | Fabrications | Find Artic
N. Westbrook
(Last visit: 19/3/2009)
Article on the architecture of the lost parts of the Great Palace.

Constantinople and the Heavenly Jerusalem?: through the imperial palace
M.C. Carile
(Last visit: 23/1/2012)
Article in New Jerusalems. Hierotopy and iconography of sacred spaces, ed. A. Lidov (Moscow 2009), pp. 78-102.

Constantinople Great Palace

(Last visit: 22/7/2008)
Photographs of the mosaics in the Great Palace

Great Palace

(Last visit: 14/10/2008)
3D graphic reconstruction of the Great Palace, from Byzantium 1200 project.

Mosaic Peristyle
Byzantium 1200
(Last visit: 20/3/2009)
Graphic reconstruction of the mosaic peristyle of the Great Palace in Costantinople.

Sacred Relics and Imperial Ceremonies at the Great Palace of Constantinople
H. A. Klein
(Last visit: 23/1/2012)
Article on the association of the cult of relics and imperial ideology in Byzantine Constantinople.


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