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Greek theatre in Constantinople

Greek theatre in Constantinople - has not been published yet Θέατρο στην Κωνσταντινούπολη (13/4/2007 v.1)

Greek theatre in Constantinople was developed especially during the second half of the 19th century, although performances are recorded as early as the beginning of the century. Particularly industrious were the itinerant professional theatre companies, as well as amateur ones (in schools or associations). The repertoire was comprised of many foreign and Greek plays from all periods, while the composition of original plays, mainly comedies, by Greek Constantinopolitan scholars was also notable....


Theodoros Prodromos

Theodoros Prodromos - has not been published yet Θεόδωρος Πρόδρομος (7/5/2009 v.1)


Theological School of Chalki

Theological School of Chalki - to be assigned Θεολογική Σχολή της Χάλκης - to be assigned


Theotokos in Chalkoprateia

Theotokos in Chalkoprateia (28/6/2007 v.1) Θεοτόκος των Χαλκοπρατείων (13/4/2007 v.1)

The monument is located near the church of Hagia Sophia. It was one of the most important churches dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the early Byzantine Constantinople. Today it preserves only few architectural remains. It was built by Verina, the wife of Leo I, probably after 474. The church hosted the patriarchal see during 532-537 and was rebuilt in the years of Basil I. According to the tradition, the girdle of the Virgin Mary was kept there.



Theotokos Panachrantos or Lips monastery (Fenari Isa Camii)

Theotokos Panachrantos or Lips monastery (Fenari Isa Camii) (13/4/2007 v.1) Θεοτόκος Πανάχραντος ή Μονή Λιβός (Φεναρί Ισά Τζαμί) (28/6/2007 v.1)

Fenari İsa Camii, a complex of two churches, is all that have survived of the Lips Monastery. It was established by the patrikios Constantine Lips, who built what is now the north church and inaugurated it in 907. The south church was commissioned in the late 13th century by the empress Theodora, widow of Michael VIII, as a part of her reinstitution of the monastery. Theodora's typikon for the monastery has survived.



Therapeia (Tarapya)

Therapeia (Tarapya) (27/4/2007 v.1) Θεραπειά (13/4/2007 v.1)

Therapeia lies on the European shore of the Upper Bosporus. In the 17th century it is mentioned as a village inhabited by Greek-Orthodox. From 1655 onwards it became the seat of the diocese of Dercon and one of the most important settlements of the Bosporus. Therapeia later served as a resort for the well-off Greek-Orthodox and Europeans of Constantinople and was known as the “summer Phanari”. The population of the Orthodox community started to decline due to the movement to more central...



Династия Валентиана-Феодосия (364-457)

Династия Валентиана-Феодосия (364-457) - has not been published yet Valentinian-Theodosian dynasty (364-457) - to be assigned Θεοδοσιανή (Βαλεντινιανή) δυναστεία (364-457) - has not been published yet

Статья посвящена династии Феодосия, четыре императора которой правили Восточной частью Римской империи с 379 г. по 457 г., оставив значительный след в истории Византии и православной Церкви. Именно при императорах этой династии Византийская империя смогла избежать участи, постигшей Западную Римскую империю, на руинах которой возникли варварские королевства. В этот период состоялись три из семи Вселенских соборов, христианство было объявлено государственной религией, был издан Codex...