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Philanthropic institutions in byzantine Constantinople

Author(s) : Moustakas Konstantinos (17/7/2008)
Translation : Panou Eirini (17/11/2008)

For citation: Moustakas Konstantinos, "Philanthropic institutions in byzantine Constantinople", 2008,
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Constantinople
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Φιλανθρωπικά ιδρύματα στη βυζαντινή Κωνσταντινούπολη (27/6/2007 v.1) Philanthropic institutions in byzantine Constantinople (27/6/2007 v.1) 




The philanthropic institutions of Byzantium constitute the main mechanism through which the Christian imperative of philanthropy was expressed. The philanthropic activity was a personal duty, but was also one of the main priorities of both the church and the emperor. The most known philanthropic institutions in Constantinople were the hospitals, the hostels and the Orphanage. They were addressed to every kind of misfortunate person -the poor, the ill, the elderly, the orphans- as well as the travellers.

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4th-15th c.


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